Restaurants and Bars in Crownfit Hotels & Suites

We have a combination of local and foreign dishes at your beckon without delay; there are expert cooks at both open and inner kitchens to serve you any local dishes like: Amala, Pouded Yam, Fufu, Fried/Jollof or white Rice, Beans, Baked Beans and Moinmoin, etc. soups like Ogbono, Ewedu, Oha, Bitter Leaf, vegetables of all kinds, Gbegiri, etc.
We also have intercontinental dishes upon requests. Our drinks are at moderate prices and we stock both local and foreign drinks (soft, beers, wines, whiskeys, Chapman, and so on) for your pleasure). You can have your ceremonies held with us and we will be glad to cater for all your for your convenience. We have facilities to chill your drinks up to full truck load.